Industrial Site Development

2016, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield QC

This industrial development is designed for a transportation company which is looking to expand and diversify its economic activities, both outdoors and indoors. The exterior space is mainly used for truck parking and container storage whereas the building is designed to accommodate a large number of activities: offices, service garage for trucks, warehousing and light industrial operations such as packaging.
The site and building are arranged in a very simple and efficient way, which allows for good flexibility in terms of building operation, subdivision and further alterations. The entire development features sustainable building techniques such as: on-site storm-water management, white-reflecting surfaces, natural lighting for all spaces, geothermal heating, tree planting, local materials etc.
The building, which has a footprint of 457×55m (1500×182ft) is planned to be built in three phases. It will accommodate 1350m2 (14600ft2) of office space on two floors, 1350m2 (14600ft2) of truck service garage and 24754m2 (266450ft2) of warehouse / light industrial space.
The service garage has eight separate bays that are each equipped with sectional doors. The warehouse is planned with 28 loading docks. The office area acts as a show-case for the entire development and is composed of support functions at the ground floor (reception, conference room, cafeteria, locker-rooms, etc) and open and closed offices on the upper floor.