Riverdale Apartments (Windmill)

2016, Ottawa ON

The development consists of a three storey apartment building on Riverdale Ave, Ottawa.
The building mass consists of one simple volume that is sculpted at top and bottom in order to create shadow lines and terraces. The interplay of surfaces is emphasized by the contrast of materials that are used – the main volume is clad with light grey metal, whereas cutouts are masonry. As a result, the metal surface seems to float as a roughly pixelated cloud. The masonry, which acts as a background for the amenity areas, provides warmth and a rich texture. Besides, it helps the new building to integrate within its surroundings. The windows are arrayed in a staggered fashion and are part of the same concept – every opening is a single or a combination of pixels.
The underground parking ramp is located outside the building in order to reduce the first floor mass and open the view to depth of the lot. In the front yard, the upper volume projection is designed to create a protective and welcoming environment for the main entrance, in conjunction with the other functions that are present in the same area. Except for the parking ramp, the exterior space around the building is dedicated to amenity areas and pedestrian / bicycle circulation. Outdoor seating / gathering furniture is strategically located in the front and the rear yard to encourage interaction of residents and animate the street.
Inside the building, each of the three floors above grade, the apartments are set along a central corridor. The apartment size varies from studios to large two bedroom units. The uppermost units have two levels, the mezzanines providing access to large private terraces. All units benefit from abundant day light coming through large windows.