Semi-Detached Housing

2016, Ottawa ON

This architectural proposal is for two semi-detached dwellings on Concord Ave., close to the Ottawa downtown area.
The building consists of a simple volume that draws its lines and proportions from the existing semi-detached homes on Hawthorne Ave. and Concord Ave. However, the angled projection express a more contemporary look while sheltering and accentuating the position of the exterior doors.
The volume is clad in grey masonry, which is an elegant contrast to the ground floor walls of concrete. The brick masonry helps to integrate the new building with the neighboring houses. The large, undivided windows on the eastern and western facades provide unobstructed views beyond the property and allow daylight to generously fill all the interior spaces.
At dusk, the large back-lit windows lend a cheerful and animated appearance to the building. The glazed surfaces at street level, next to the main doors, create a welcoming interface between the exterior and interior space. Concealed light fixtures spread discrete lighting on the building surfaces.
Nearly invisible from the street, the roof shape is reminiscent of the pitched roofs of the neighboring buildings. However, its origami-like geometry makes room for two roof terraces that are arrayed diagonally in order to preserve privacy for each unit. This roof geometry endows the master bedrooms with spectacular high ceilings.
The lower part of each house is designed as sequence flowing living areas that wrap around an open staircase. The top floor is reserved for bedrooms and bathrooms.