Architecture is important. It surrounds us and shelters us. It is sometimes part of our emotional baggage. Construction, renovation, transformation are just as important. To start. A key decision. One must start on the right foot. And not miss a step. Building permit. Call for tenders. Execution. It’s quite complex. Not always easy. Need for control and support. An exceptional architectural concept. And very functional. In line with latest codes and standards. Takes time, energy. Enthusiasm. Expert technical drawings. Details. A keen eye on site. Emails. Phone calls. French. English. Coordination. Integration for all disciplines, especially architecture and engineering. Brings beautiful 3D images to life. Some reiterations. It’s certain. You need an Architect. The choice is simple. At your fingertips.

Architectural Design

Residential, commercial, industrial Architecture … Design. The tip of the iceberg, what we see. But never melts away. Design – it’s our second nature. Nobody inhabits icebergs. Although they are just as unique and remarkable as buildings. Our buildings are durable. Summer. Winter. Spring. Fall. Architecture that ages well, not just the latest fad. Materials, do not need any presentation. Brick. Metal. Wood. Concrete. Glass. In our projects they shine by expressing their inherent qualities. And natural light above all. Outside. Inside. Borders are falling. For real. Our clients always come back.

Working Documents

If devil is in the details, one must drive out the devil. To bear fruit, the seed of design feeds on good details. And specifications. Waterproofing is very important. Just like insulation. We develop envelope details, stairs and ceilings. Junctions of all kinds. Rework (if necessary). Obsessively. Built-in furniture. Thoroughly. Among others. Cost estimates. Scheduling. Phasing. Coordination with engineers. Organized and structured. Entrepreneurs have nothing to invent. Less risk. Just do their job. Well.

Professional Advice

In the life of a building or even before it is built, a large number of situations require punctual interventions or check-ups. Feasibility studies. Code and by-law analysis. Inspections. Just to name a few.

Interior Design

Nobody inhabits icebergs. It’s not because they are not hollow. But because they are cold. Our interior design is warm. No need to turn up the heat. Materials are authentic as is the light. Finishes. Furniture. Lighting. Atmosphere. We are comfortable inside. And It works.

Building Contract Administration

As an architect, it is good to be there. Especially for the client. Visit the site. Observe the quality of work and the progress versus the schedule. Respond to requests for information. Clarifications. Find alternative solutions if necessary. Changes, maybe. Raise the flag when required. Review shop drawings and samples. Recommend progress payments. Site meetings and minutes. In the end, find deficiencies. When they are still visible. If is all fine, issue certificates of project completion.

and more.

Each project is unique. The architect is a generalist. By training. From experience. He looks closely. He sees further. He sees big. He can always find a way to guide you. Almost.