Three-unit Dwelling

This project represents a three-unit dwelling which is set in a heterogeneous urban environment: a semi-detached dwelling to the north, a service garage to the south and a parking lot of a restaurant to the west. This odd setting results in a number of constraints but also a number of opportunities to design an interesting[…] Continue Reading

Industrial Development

This industrial development is designed for a transportation company which is looking to expand and diversify its economic activities, which will take place both outdoors and indoors. The exterior space is mainly used for trucks parking and containers storage whereas the building is designed to accommodate a larger number of activities: offices at front, service[…] Continue Reading

AT Office

The project is the fit-out of an office space that is meant to accommodate fifty employees of a transportation company. The architectural concept stands on two factors: the internal operation of the company and the short time of construction. However, the development meets several criteria (I.e. functionality, occupants’ comfort, environmental design) and reflects the company’s[…] Continue Reading

Semi-detached Housing

This architectural proposal is for two semi-detached dwellings on Concord Ave., close to Ottawa downtown area. The building consists of a simple volume that draws its lines and proportions from the existing semi-detached on Hawthorne Ave. and Concord Ave.. However, the angled cuts into its mass enable this architectural object with a contemporary flavor, provide[…] Continue Reading

Riverdale Ave. Apartments

The development consists of a three storey apartment building on Riverdale Ave, Ottawa. The building mass consists of one simple volume that is sculpted at top and bottom in order to create shadow lines and terraces. The planes interplay is emphasized by the contrast of materials that are used – the main volume is clad[…] Continue Reading

Kirkwood Ave. Apartments

The development consists of a three storey apartment building on Kirkwood Avenue The building mass, which spans the site from East to West, is composed of two volumes whose vertical faces are shifted to create shadow lines and terraces. The vertical planes interplay is emphasized by the materials of the two volumes. The lower volume[…] Continue Reading

Crisan House

The project consists in the refurbishment of a forty year old bungalow. Although the owners did not provide a specific program at the beginning of the project, they expressed their wish to have large, well lit spaces and a terrace overlooking the river that runs along the North side of the site. The footprint of[…] Continue Reading

Church Conversion

Church Conversion

Throughout the western world disused churches are finding a new purpose as residential and commercial buildings. In the same vein, a 60 year old church in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Quebec will be converted to a residential building with 50 dwelling units and several ancillary functions. The actual building, which stands for a basilica type of structure on[…] Continue Reading

Merging Landscapes

Merging Landscapes

This work is part of the Migrating Landscapes Project, which was Canada’s entry at the Venice Biennale in 2012. The model embodies a specific moment when two distinct, imaginary landscapes are merging as a consequence of one’s migration and subsequently generating profound emotions. These profound emotions have been captured in a sculptural form and thus,[…] Continue Reading

House Of Hungarian Music

Architecture cannot mimic music but it can, certainly, stimulate the senses and elicit an emotional reaction, as music can do. While fulfilling its primary function, to house and expose MUSIC in various forms, our proposal is intended to accompany the visitor on an emotional journey evoked by the interplay of solid surfaces, light, textures, shapes[…] Continue Reading

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